Listed below is a showcase of elements from my online course that demonstrates how I have mastered Section 1 of the Quality in Online Learning and Teaching (QOLT) Rubric:    Course Overview and Introduction:

  1.  Click here to view a link link to my digital syllabus
    • Objective 1.1:  Clear and detailed instructions for students to access syllabus, course calendar and course content.
      • A welcome video is included in my digital syllabus which provides detailed information on accessing the syllabus, the course calendar and course content. Click here for a link to the course calendar.
    • Objective 1.2:  Detailed instructor information, contact information, biographical and welcome video.
      • The above mentioned link includes instructor biography and instructor contract information.
    • Objective 1.3:  Course description (including purpose of the course), pre-requisite and core-requisite requirement.
      • In my digital syllabus, the course description, pre-requisite and core-requisite information is provided.
    • Objective 1.4:  Online etiquette/course ground rules required for online discussions and online activities.
      • My digital syllabus provides guidelines for online etiquette/ground rules for class discussions and activities.  Click here for a link to the online course etiquette/ground rules.
    • Objective 1.5:  CI Academic Dishonesty policy is provided in the digital syllabus.
      • In the University Policies section of my digital syllabus, a link is included for the CSU Channel Islands Academic Dishonesty policy.
    • Objective 1.6  A list of technical competencies for the course are provided, delineating the role of the online environment.
      • In the Technology Requirement section of the digital syllabus, a list of technical competencies are provided discussing the role of the online environment for the course.
  2. View the video below to see how Objective 1.7 (Samples of student work and student questions) and 1.8 (Activity for students to share their personal learning goals):