The OTPP Fall 2016 presentation below is a showcase of the elements from section 2 of the Quality in Online Learning and Teaching (QOLT) rubric:  Assessment and Evaluation of Student Learning

Slide 2.1:  All Student Learning Objectives/Outcomes (SLO’s) are specific, well-defined and measurable.

Slide 2.2 : Grading policy is provided in a manner that clearly defines the expectations for the course and respective assignments.

Slide 2.3:  The learning activities promote the achievement of the Student Learning Objectives (SLO).

Slide 2.4:  The assessment instruments are detailed and appropriate to the student work and respective outcomes being assessed.  This includes assessing modes of online participation and contributions.

Slide 2.5:  Throughout the semester, the instructor provides multiple opportunities  to give feedback on students learning and to help students “self-check” their learning.

Slide 2.6:  Throughout the semester, the instructor provides multiple opportunities to solicit feedback from their students about their learning and on the course for improvement on the course.